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'Performance and Instructional Videos. 


"This section includes guitar tutorials for

The Hip , Jimi Hendrix , Eric Clapton , Dire Straits and Ry Cooder. I had to take into account space limitations.

I have included a limited number of performance videos to add  some perspective as to how to approach various styles.

"Walking Blues" is a classic example of Robert Johnsons approach to working in the Open G tuning. I will tie these ideas into playing both acoustic and electric Guitar. This will involve learning the composition and improvising for solo and ensemble purposes. This is a tutorial video, other related songs will be "Roll and Tumble", Running on Faith" "Paranoia Blues" and "Crossroads. 

"Blow at High Dough Part One of Three

"Blow at High Dough Part Two of Three

"Blow at High Dough Part Three of Three

"Hotel California" is a fun song with great chord changes. The video will look at not only playing the song but more importantly how to jam on it. Guitar players can have a great time with this, not only soloing over the changes but how to play with a vocalist. 

A Paul Simon song from his first solo record entitled "Paranoia Blues". This is a basic format with a couple more changes. This will be directly related to other tutorials dealing with bottleneck guitar in open G tuning. 

A classic Neil Young song. This video will walk through various ways of playing over rock,power ballads in the minor keys. .

 This is a fun Guitar song called"Tribes" by Preston Reed. The tuning is CGDGGD low to high. I performed this number for the first time at The TLC Bistro in Barrie. I do venture into this type of Guitar style with my more advanced students.

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