Leigh Ann and I performed the Beatles "Get Back" at The TLC Bistro in Barrie . In these videos I will be playing various songs from start to finish and then walk through the arrangement . This will involve basic chord changes , timing , soloing , scales and improvisation . These styles will cover Classic Rock , Contemporary Pop Music , Blues, Fingerstyle Guitar, Mandolin,Open Tunings , Bottleneck and Celtic Guitar and the Music Theory behind each of these styles . 

'Performance and Instructional Videos. 


Ken has been studying with me for a couple of years. Here we are performing "Just like Tom Thumbs Blues". An exampl;e of blues mandolin being used in an Acoustic Rock format.

"The Ballad of John & Yoko". The instructional approach to this song can be used in hundreds of rock and blues tunes in the keys of E,A,G,C,B,orBb.These will be introduced and expanded upon in the tutorials. 

A classic Neil Young song. This video will walk through various ways of playing over rock,power ballads in the minor keys. .

"Hotel California" is a fun song with great chord changes. The video will look at not only playing the song but more importantly how to jam on it. Guitar players can have a great time with this, not only soloing over the changes but how to play with a vocalist. 

A Paul Simon song from his first solo record entitled "Paranoia Blues". This is a basic format with a couple more changes. This will be directly related to other tutorials dealing with bottleneck guitar in open G tuning. 

This is a Leo Kottke Guitar Composition called the "Orange Room" It is a fun song to perform because the notes swell and back up on themselves. A real "pig out" on the Guitar.

This is a cover of the Eric Clapton song "Before you Accuse Me". A Classic Blues Rock number in the key of E. When I discuss these songs it is from the point of improvisation. We would start with the basics and then build from that foundation. All of these styles will be taken and applied to other Guitar players, both electric and acoustic. 

 This is a fun Guitar song called"Tribes" by Preston Reed. The tuning is CGDGGD low to high. I performed this number for the first time at The TLC Bistro in Barrie. I do venture into this type of Guitar style with my more advanced students.

"Love Minus Zero,No Limit" is a classic Bob Dylan song. Nick and I are having fun with the arrangement.

"Walking Blues" is a classic example of Robert Johnsons approach to working in the Open G tuning. I will tie these ideas into playing both acoustic and electric Guitar. This will involve learning the composition and improvising for solo and ensemble purposes. This is a tutorial video, other related songs will be "Roll and Tumble", Running on Faith" "Paranoia Blues" and "Crossroads. 

.Tarquin R & I performing the Taylor Swift song "You belong with me" as a Guitar Duet. In these videos I want to put the singer front and center. In a more intimate setting I have discovered that this format will produce the best results. 

This is a current video recorded at a Student Showcase in February 2016. Nick and Paul have been studying with me for over a year and Evan is helping us out on Drums.

This is a U2 cover entitled "One" The personnel is Nick and Paul on Guitar, Evan on Drums and myself on Bass. This was recorded at a Student Showcase at Chalkers on February 17. 

We covered a Smashing Pumpkins number called "1979". Nick did a great job as a frontman and both Paul and Evan are very inspirational to work with. I am playing Bass Guitar on these songs which is a new direction for me. Nick and Paul have been studying with me for over a year and I learned a lot about being a part of the rhytm section and arranging for two Guitars. 

This is a RadioHead cover entitled "BlackStar". It was Nick who had the idea of performing this song. Good idea, Nick. 

This is an Oasis cover entitled "SuperSonic". I consider it a real honour to work with Nick,Paul and Evan. The great thing about working with these gentlemen is that we come up with our own way of performing these songs rather than trying to do carbon copies of the original recordings.