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New Students
Buy five 30minute lessons get One hour free!
416 -531-5045 or

Lessons are available online. Sessions are $60.00 an hour, printed music is all included.


Lessons on a Skype are informative as well as fun. You will never be able to replace one on one private instruction but sometimes that is not possible. For those of us who use Instructional DVD's ,You Tube , Guitar or Mandolin Tab Books, even the folks out there who remember VHS instructional tapes, all of these formats have their place.

A number of people who study with me will bring in songs and videos on laptops and smartphones and we will transcribe them using that source. Private instruction on Skype will simply augment what all of these sources have to offer. The only drawback is that Skyping, much like You Tube or DVD's can be a little one dimensional. This is why I like to book hour sessions,it gives us enough time to deconstruct the songs or styles that we are discussing and work on the sections slowly. It also allows us the time to learn the various techniques that are used depending on the style of music. On this page I will present three videos,each one dealing with a different type of music. These videos will change a few times every couple of weeks. This is an example of how I would work through the lessons on Skype for all the Guitar and Mandolin players that do not have the advantage of being in the same room for one one private instruction. I also use messenger , facetime and zoom, I like zoom the best because it has a recording feature that the others do not have.


Check out my Guitar and Mandolin Instructional Videos covering the styles of The Hip , Clapton , Hendrix and Ry Cooder.


Student testimonials


Rob - great music. You really are one of the best guitarists I have experienced over the years including the many musicians I see at Massey. We are lucky to have you teach the kids! .....See you Sunday ….Parent- John M.



Thanks. Great show. Sound was great. See you Wednesday.



I thought Sunday was really good.  Its a great room and it looked like the people who came cared about you and the music.  I really liked your Vigilante Man and would like to hear you do more Woody Guthrie.     


Hey Rob,

In all honesty we should be thanking you!  The show was great and just a perfect way to wind down a weekend. Sound was quite good from where we were sitting.  

We both enjoyed ourselves and thanks again. 

See you in a few days. 



I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that Robert's showcase for his guitar students at Milagro on Sunday was great - a true showcase with lots of opportunity for students to play selections of songs. It was a really diverse mix of music, and Julia really enjoyed playing in that environment.


Just wanted to pass along that we thought it was great.





Rob- Thank you so much for teaching me how to play songs I love, and for always being patient with me while I learn something new! I always look forward to my lesson every weekend and your shows are wonderful!

Thanks for everything,

Student- Lizzie


Hi Rob;


I'm Issie, I was your student many years ago for a while.

You taught me guitar! (I was the very quiet brunette girl!) 


I just wanted to e-mail you because my band released our album online and I think it would mean something to your that a student whom you taught has her own band now! We perform frequently in Halifax bars and pubs. I play mostly guitar and do a lot of the song writing, but I also play flute and sax. I also play in a folk band, and guest-star in other bands around town. The Halifax music scene is INCREDIBLE! Hope you enjoy the music, Rob!


Thanks for many years of awesome lessons!


Hey , checked out some of your utube performances . Lovely playing , as always. I have been living in the Turks and Caicos islands for the last 12 years and love it down here. The weather is always nice excluding hurricane season. I was up in T O for a week and took a chance that you might be at the store. Perhaps next time . I purchased a Grestch resonator guitar while i was in town and needed a slide which quickly reminded me of you.  I have a band down here called Bowen Arrow, there is a quick video of us recorded a few years back on utube under bowen arrow tci. Nothing like your catalog but good for a laugh. We play mostly covers and happy island music for weddings and private functions. It subsidizes my wood working business and it is fun to entertain the tourists. Just wanted to thank you for your way back musical guidance and let you know that i am still playing . Drop me a line if you ever find yourself needing a little tropical vacation. Be well.  -Bill S.  ( former student currently living in the Tropics) 

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